Friday, April 6, 2012

Green Screen on US Open Tonight

So when I was in LA last semester, I interned at Tennis Channel. I got there just in time for the US Open. Every day we shot two shows, "US Open tonight" and "Breakfast at the Open," both shows that recapped the matches and days news. The really cool thing about the show was that it was entirely a virtual set. We had a massive green screen that wrapped around a large portion of the studio. The first picture is one I took from behind camera 2, the jib. It shows our two talents standing at their desk. In Camera 2's left monitor you can see the final product of his shot with the virtual set placed in. We used green gaffers tape to make marks on the floor for where we needed to set up the different parts of the set. There was this main desk, a side interview area with couches, a balcony and a demo tennis court, all on different parts of the green screen and all built virtually. The next picture is of me "standing" on the balcony set. The virtual set looked really realistic at most points and it was a great experience to get to work on these shows. I hope our green screen projects turn out just as well!

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