Saturday, April 21, 2012

Light Bright Magic

So I'm guessing most of you remember Light Bright, that simple toy from when we were kids where you put the colored pegs in the board and it lit up.  Well the David Crowder Band did a really awesome music video utilizing the light bright and stop motion.
It's a three and half minute song so that is a ton of light bright pegs.  What I really like about the video though is how it incorporates not only the light bright but the real people as well as other props.  When they use what looks to be plastic wrap for the water, I thought that was a really clever effect.  I also thought it was really cool how they had the origami plant grow behind the board.  I also found the behind the scenes videos to be pretty cool.

In this video they talk about how time consuming using the light bright was.  They ordered giant sheets of metal with holes in them so they could mass produce the light bright sheets.  They also used after effects to make an animation to use as a guide for the actual pegs.

Finally this behind the scenes video is pretty cool because they describe how they did the tree at the end.  They actually had to do the final tree sequence in reverse.  They built the tree first and then came up with an equation for how much they would have to trim off the each branch at each time interval to make it look realistic.  It is also funny how the guys said they would never attempt such a project again unless they got paid gobs of money.  They have an amazing final product though, definitely one of the coolest music videos I've seen.

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