Saturday, April 14, 2012

Interactive Triangle

Interactive Triangulation is on a blog by Emilio Gomariz. He mainly focuses on the art of the triangular concept and how different artists express themselves through it. This particular post is a series of different interactive "games" where the user uses their mouse to manipulate the shapes. There are about thirty or so but none of them stray from triangle shape, but instead, they use the environment around them (such as one where the user can change the gravity). It deals with solid shapes, colors, letters, lines, and even liquids that all end up as triangles.

It seems similar to the work we did with processing, where the act of one thing (such as the mouse moving those circles around) correlates with the end result.

The website itself doesn't only deal with interactive art, but also includes architecture, photography, painting, and other mediums (even sound). It is a collaboration between all different kinds of artists and is updated daily.

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