Saturday, April 14, 2012

Box Animation

So I was waiting to run my events at my track meet today, when someone on my team who has worked with motion graphics before was trying to help me think of a topic for my blog this week. Well, we went onto to vimeo and started looking at a handful of videos.

We came across this one video which I thought was pretty cool, and actually really simple to replicate with my basic knowledge of After Effects. He told me it was basically matchmoving and various compositing techniques. Apparently the boxes were hand painted and then scanned into the computer for use. I thought it was an interesting piece, because of its simplicity. Hopefully, if I get the chance I will have a chance to do something similar to this which takes a simple thing such as music and pairs it to the movement of random objects. So here it is and enjoy:

Also here is another short video made by the same exact artist Jordan Clarke, for the 2011 MMVA's. It was used for onstage screen between artist performances:

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