Saturday, April 21, 2012

Best After Effects on Vimeo

So I was really bored today and decided to look up and see what are some of the most interesting After Effects videos that have been put on Vimeo over the years. One video that I came across that I really enjoyed was a short video by Andrew Juano called "0 Gravity." In the video they project a scene in which it seems that a guy is floating in zero gravity along with everyday household items which float and pass through the scene. When I first saw it I automatically assumed the character was on strings to create this anti-gravity visual. I was wrong. However, they made the character float through completely visual effects, no wires included. In order to generate this video they used various types of software besides After Effects such as, Maya, Nuke, PF track, and Photoshop. After the 3D animation, there is a short breakdown to quickly show you some of the techniques they used to create the video. I really enjoyed this video and especially when they included the breakdown because it gives you a small taste of what is done to create a video like this. Check it out:

Another video that I found, which was stop motion, I liked especially since it incorporates the polar opposite weather that we always get in Ithaca. It is called "Bottle." This one has a totally different feel to it, but a really good story instead! It was a really awesome short. Basically I am just included this one in the blog because it is enjoyable. However the producer and director of this short is called Kirsten Lepore, who is a 3d animator, and she has some really awesome stop motion videos, which most seem to include molding clay and other materials to generate her projects. I would definitely recommend checking out her account:

Heres the "Bottle" video as well:

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