Sunday, April 8, 2012

making of ... king kong

so i have been slacking on my posts, that's why there are two posts from this week and I've just had an urge to look more into the making of some feature films -- Titanic 3D in my last post, and now King Kong (2005)

this first clip talks with creators of many different crew members of the animation and production crew of the 2005 King Kong. surprisingly, the process began almost 10 years before the release in 1995 ... for parts of the film, there were so many aspects that were completely remade from scratch and many used stop-motion animation to recreate scenes of the film!! from 2min onward, they discuss the King Kong film and around the 6:00 minute mark is when they start explicitly discuss the stop-motion and CG recreations of NYC and such

in this clip, NBC took a behind-the-scenes look at the whole animation and recreation process of the King Kong film at the Universal lot. I think its really interesting that so much of the animation is "outsourced" to other organizations and the producers / Universal just supervise. WETA Digital helped animate and graphically design the 2005 edition of the film. At 3:40, they start to discuss the audio animation and depth of recording the special FX and sounds.

i was first confused as to why the clip was called "king kong 360 3D" -- after a few minutes into the clip, i realized they were talking about the Universal studio animation park RIDE!!! but still, it is still so interesting to see the massive amount of time and energy to create a film, let along a real-life ride.

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