Thursday, April 19, 2012

Political Animations

So, I wasn't really sure what to write a post about so I was just looking at different animated videos. I came across an ad for Jon Hinck's senate campaign. The ad was completely animated, which was something that I had never seen before for a political campaign. It actually won a "Pollie" from the American Association of Political Consultants for best web video.

It was created by the company, Mode Project, in order to make Hinck's campaign stand out in an attractive way. It is very easy for political media to be overlooked, or to just change the channel whenever you see a commercial, but changing the way that people view these ads could be very beneficial. The use of visuals and animations is able to convey information in a more efficient and memorable way. Especially since an ad like this would be able to appeal to a larger audience, age-wise. It can also be beneficial to associate the politicians name with an image; in this particular ad, his name is surrounded by trees.

Mode Project is an award winning production company that also worked on the Obama campaign. They have been involved in many other projects, but I think that Hincks animation was one of the best.

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