Thursday, September 24, 2015


So as I was thinking about this upcoming title sequence project, and I was trying to think of the best title sequences or ones that I really like. While a bunch had come to my mind, I remembered the movie franchise that is title sequence royalty; James Bond.
The use of color, and music and adding the theme of the film in the title sequence makes for a memorable title sequence on its own, but because it is a part of the James Bond franchise, it becomes a staple of the Bond film to have amazing title sequences.
In the newer films, with the addition of artists like Adele in Skyfall providing the opening song, it makes each title, unique but still adds excitement to the staple of the Bond films. Each of the James Bond films, has the wild, and impressive title sequence, but they are each their own, and they are each unique. James Bond really is title sequence royalty

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