Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flat vs Real Design

One of the things that I struggle with the most when creating any type of media is making a consistent design. I always end up with elements that are visually acceptable but seem segmented. This is something I hope to improve on in this course.

When I began animating in high school I was inspired by this piece of a music video that I found. I tried to imitate the music video with this video. A few years after I made this I realized why it did not look right to me. I realized that it was a mix of textures. I had flat and real elements that did not make sense together. After Effects has the ability to make awesome flat animations but is even more geared towards realistic looking motion graphics or special effects and I mixed them in my video. I would love to try to do one project that is complete flat design. I also hope to realize more design elements that I can improve on as the course continues.

When studying Flat vs Skeuomorphic design in Design of New Media I found this interactive game that exemplifies the tug between realistic and flat animation.

Click Here to Play Game

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