Thursday, September 10, 2015

The New Old Video Game

As someone who plays video games (when I have the time) I find it embarrassing that I haven't thought of this sooner. Animation has always been the most important aspect of gaming. The visual components that make up games are what initially attracts us to them. Nowadays it's all about realism. How much more realistic can we get? Releases like Square Enix's "Final Fantasy VII" are (and always have been) pushing for hyper realistic settings and characters. The attention to detail such as the aged look of the armor, individual strands of hair, and amazing world building are what draws people to such games as this.

And for many players this is a practical escape from reality (not so much in the fact that you have super human abilities but rather it's easier to lose yourself to someone who looks more human). However new indie games are popping up with interesting takes on old classics. This year at E3 Studio MDHR released a trailer for their new 2D platform game "Cuphead". With advances in 3D animation it's rare to see 2D work being as widely received (like how Disney shut down their entire 2D department), however "Cuphead" beautifully marries old 1930's styled animated cartoon characters with the fluidity of current animated shows for what looks like a visually pleasing anomaly for a "Old Meets New" video game experience.


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