Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Application of Motion

This past summer I was introduced to an animator named Masanobu Hiraoka. His work is well known for it's symmetry, neutral color palettes, and of course it's fluidity. What immediately catches my eyes in (the not so cleverly titled) "My New Animation", is the smooth movement between the subject and her abstract surroundings. There are times when solid shapes peel away as if they were thin pieces of cloth, and other times when certain shapes just burst into, what looks like, puffs of air. The detail shown in solely the movement give purpose to the abstract shapes. The video is a visual adventure that plays with the flow of colors and shapes.

That isn't to say that this thorough understanding of motion can't be applied for more practical images. I would even journey to say applying such fluid motion to abstraction is far more difficult than, let's say, a person. However it's no less interesting to see intricate movement from animated characters. For example,  "The Legend of Korra" raised the bar for children's cartoons with beautifully animated fight sequences. But I couldn't find the scene that I wanted to show, so instead, here's a clip from "Avatar the Last Airbender". 

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