Friday, September 25, 2015

Animation and Atmosphere

For my title sequence I thought that it would be an interesting challenge to create an intro sequence for the critically acclaimed cartoon mini series "Over the Garden Wall".

For those of you who haven't seen Over the Garden Wall, the story follows the journey of two brothers lost in the woods, who with the help of a magical bluebird, traverse the land of the unknown. I enjoy watching a lot of the cartoons that are currently running on cartoon network (Steven Universe, Adventure Time), but I've not seen anything in recent years that has captured my imagination quite like OTGW. The show itself oozes with atmosphere, each background is an original water painting and every bit of music composed for the show is an original orchestra performed composition.

I feel as though this would be a really interesting piece to create a title sequence for. I look forward to dissecting the show further to better understand all the moving pieces that work together to create it's unique atmosphere. A lot of the show's music has been published online as well , so it'll be really interesting to see if I can find some sounds that'll resonate with the world of OTGW in a cohesive way. All in all I'm really excited to start working with such an intricate and interesting piece of media, I hope I can put something together that'll at least capture a bit of the show's timeless magic.

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