Thursday, September 10, 2015

Animating to Music

After using sound in collaboration with visuals on Wednesday, I was reminded of one of my favourite animated sequences from my childhood. The opening to Pixar's 2001 animated comedy, Monsters, Inc.

The opening cleverly features several animated doors (which play a prominent role in the film) dancing around, revealing title credits. All to one of Randy Newman's chirpy tunes from the soundtrack. The upbeat jazz instrumental provides a fun way of opening the film.

I really like how there's a nice balance between doors that move to the music, and ones that move independently. It can be dangerously easy to create a null which holds audio information, then go ahead and parent the hell out of every on screen object to the null. Sure, you'll have lots of moving pieces, but things can start to feel to mechanical and automated. The Monsters, Inc. opening has fluidity, while maintaining chirpiness and overall feeling in time with the music.

Check it out here, I think it's really fun.

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