Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Updates on Technology

So I know this doesn't really have to do with this class but I came across this video the other day on Facebook and I found it interesting and I wanted to share it with you all. As we all probably know, Apple came out with their new iPhone the other day and everyone is freaking out about it. I honestly can't tell you why, it looks like every other iPhone they have come out with. I'm apparently not the only one that thinks that because Jimmy Kimmel decided to prank people and go out into the streets of Hollywood and tell them that the first ever iPhone is the newest one and people believed him. Take a look:
In the video the reporter asks them what they like about it and a lot of them said that it works faster and that the display is more clear. Now I don't know if they were just scrambling for answers or if they truly thought that. Either way, does technology really improve so much that we need to spend hundreds of dollars on the new fad? If everyday people are ignorant enough to think that this is the new iPhone, does it really make a difference? Like with Adobe for example, they come out with a new update every few months and what's the point? It's not like anything is different. I know the answer to this and it's all about money and marketers know that people will eat it all up. It's silly but true. I know I'm one of them!

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