Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Animated Shorts That Define Disney’s Success

Walt Disney was a huge fan of animated short films, as out of 22 of his Academy Awards, a majority were for the category of Best Animated Short Film. But after his death in 1966, the Walt Disney Studios took a long break, about 40 years, from short films, only producing a few every so often. However, all of that changed when Disney merged with Pixar in 2006, with Pixar taking the lead and filling the void of short animated films. With Pixar's help, Disney was back in business and have created some great short animated films over the past few years. ranked the Animated Shorts That Define Disney’s Success, coming to a list of nine short animated films. I personally enjoyed all of the films, but these were my favorite two:

1.) Feast (2014) ('s number three)
This was my personal favorite because how simple, yet great the idea was. Anyone with a dog knows how dogs love table food and how they will start to crave it over their own food. I personally have four dogs, and can see each of my dogs doing it. I thought the montage was put together very well, I thought the editing was great and on-point, and did a good job of showing the dog over the years in a quick and effective way. It was just a great short to watch.

2.) Paperman Trailer (2012) ('s number one)
I thought this was another great animation because of how well it was put together. The animation is again so simple, but really tells a great story. I loved how all the papers were used together and how they really added to the story. I also loved the black and white, in this digital age, black and white is rare to see and it is even more rare to see a black and white film done right. And this short animation is exactly that, a black and white film done right. It truly added to the story and just gave it an extra special quality.

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