Thursday, September 3, 2015

Title Sequence using Cut-Out Animation!

Recently I revisited a title sequence for an old movie, but was reintroduced to the style of animation used in it. The title sequence for the movie "A Series of Unfortunate Events" uses cut-out animation, this style uses the techniques of stop-motion to produce the animation. The characters, props, and scenic background is flat, and is made by flat material such as paper, cardboard, or stiff fabric. Pictures can also be used to produce the different elements in the animation. 

I always thought this title sequence was so cool, but I didn't realize that all the elements such as characters, props, and background were all made out of cutout. It looks nothing like paper cut outs, and maybe that's why it was so surprising when I checked for what kind of animation it was. 

One of the things I hope we get to learn is cut out animation with the use of stop motion, it looks time consuming but I feel like its worth it. 

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