Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Voices in Our Head

So next week we talked about putting audio and visuals together in animation and I thought this article relates to what we are going to talk about next week. Over the summer I saw the newest Pixar film, Inside Out. The movie is about the different voices in your head and I noticed that Riley, the girl in the film, not all her voices were of the female gender. Both anger and fear were male voices. But then in one scene, the dinner scene, we go into Riley's parents head and they are all of one gender. So the mom's voices were all female and the dad's voices were all male. Here is that scene:

The author of the article interviewed the Pixar Founder and his theory is that as your get older your voices become more mature therefore they become all one gender. I don't agree with his theory. I think they gave mad and fear male voices because they are both strong emotions. The rest were female voices (joy, disgust, and sad). I think Pixar was gender stereotyping when assigning the actors to the certain emotions. I know that's a bold statement to say but think about it; a male voice for a sassy (aka disgust) emotion doesn't "sound" right. Or an over positive (aka joy) male voice. Or a depressing (aka sad) male voice. It even works on the flip side. A female voice for an angry or fearful emotion wouldn't "sound" as good. It's terrible that Pixar is stereotyping emotions for male and female and you guys can disagree with me, but this is just what I believe and what I got out of the film.

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