Thursday, September 24, 2015

Real Life FIFA Game

I'm a very big soccer fan and I follow MLS (Major League Soccer) religiously. A few days ago the new FIFA video game came out called EA FIFA 16. I don't know if any of you guys play any sports video games but the animations and movements that are involved in making the game is incredible. One of the improvements to the new FIFA game is that they had Lionel Messi come into the studio and they animated him while he did some tricks around the studio. They then took his movements and put into the game so while playing, his movements would be more real towards what he does in real life. It's explained more in this video:
I'm also a huge FC Dallas fan and to help advertise for the new game, the MLS channel decided to put head to head an FC Dallas player vs. a Vancouver Whitecaps player and have them do the games in the FIFA video game in real life. So in the video, they made it look as if they were in the video game but instead it's real life. I honestly thought for the first minute that I was watching a video game. I think it's a pretty cool video. You can watch that here:

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