Friday, September 4, 2015


Coda [koh-duh]

1.      Music. a more or less independent passage, at the end of a composition, introduced to bring it to a satisfactory close.
2.     a concluding section or part, especially one of a conventional form and serving as a summation of preceding themes, motifs, etc., as in a work of literature or drama.

My senior year of high school I started to really get into animation and motion graphics and my video teacher noticed that. He suggested I take a look at Vimeo's animation category section. I did, and saw some pretty weird (but amazing) works of animation. Here are just a few (though I will try to get to most of these in these blogs):

I've been checking Vimeo almost every other day since my teacher suggested I do so and I can't say that I've been as moved as I was when I saw "Coda" almost 2 months ago. I have watched and rewatched this film probably upwards of 15 times by now.

Its animation style is simple, yet effective, and its sounds are clean and immersive. Aside from those, it is the music and, of course, the story that makes me keep coming back for more. Starting from around 5 minutes until the very end, the dialogue becomes one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever heard. I would love to talk about with anybody, though I don't want to spoil anything in this post. I'll let the film do the talking. (I couldn't wait another week to share this film with you guys)

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