Thursday, September 3, 2015

ELI5: The Pixar Theory Part 1

It's been widely rumored for years the all the Pixar movies are actually in the same universe, but at different points in time. Pretty awesome, right? So let's get started!

The first film in the theory is none other than Brave. Brave introduces us to Merida, a red-haired princess in the Dark Ages of Scotland who tries to change her fate with the help of a witch. The witch helps Merida change her fate by turning her mother into a bear. What help that is. It's easy to believe that the witch had practiced turning humans into animals starting with Mor'du, the villain in Brave.

It's important to note that this theory is based off three groups all fighting for control and power: humans, animals, and machines. We see animals coming to their rise over the next three films, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Up.

Finding Nemo is about a clownfish that is able to swim across the ocean and back in search of his son, Nemo. What makes this so important is that he saves his son from humans.

In Ratatouille, Remy is an amazing chef, a job that only humans have. He actually does his cooking by controlling a human. Humans are also starting to see that animals are a lot smarter than they first thought. Also, Remy's ability is so incredible that word of his skill travels all the way to Charles Muntz, the villain in Up.

Charles Muntz, in his search for a rare type of bird (you would know it as Kevin), takes what he knows about Remy and invents dog collars that can let dogs speak with humans. We're also introduced to BnL, or Buy n' Large, the company that tries to buy Carl's house in the beginning of the movie (it's also the company that makes batteries for Buzz Lightyear).

That'll do it for this part. If you're interested in this theory, you can check out these two great videos that sum up the entire theory by SuperCarlinBrothers and Bloop Animation.

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