Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Love for Stopmotion

Back when I first got into filmmaking around the age of nine, I had my heart set on working for Pixar, I just adored their animation (and the fact they rode scooters around the office). As my interest slowly moved to live action with CGI, animation has still always held a special place in my heart. I enjoyed making the occasional stop-motion, and experimenting with 3D animation. This has lead to a great appreciation of the art of stop-motion, knowing how painstaking the process can be.

Being a long time YouTube/Vimeo user, I've gathered a quite a collection of "favourites" over the years. Someone who I'm a big fan of, and I'm sure many people are familiar with, is PES. This video, Western Spaghetti, has to be one of my all time favourite animations.

I think one of the things which really sells it, is the sound. It's a simple, yet matches perfectly with what's being seen, and gives the video that little extra "oomph".

Sound is something which I feel is often overlooked with animations. The visuals are such an important part, so much attention is paid to it, that good sound is often missing. But when it is there, it makes for all the more better video.

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