Monday, September 7, 2015

Education and Animation

I was absolutely elated to see this article from KQED about Pixar using animation to teach about math and computer science. I would like to have a career in E-Learning, specifically working on projects that teach those subjects. I often say that my dream job would be to work for Khan Academy and now Pixar and Khan Academy have created a partnership. I love that article explained that these new lessons offered through Pixar are featuring jobs that the kids have possibly never even heard of. There are so many elements of media production and design that everyone could find an element that interests them. I had never considered E-Learning as a career until half-way through college because I had never really heard about it or understood how much went into producing it.

The lessons include:
Environmental Modeling
  • modeling grass with parabolas
  • calculating parabolas
Character Modeling
  • modeling with subdivisions
  • mathematics of subdivision
  • intro to animation curves
  • mathematics of animation curves
  • building crowds
  • counting crowds
Sets and Staging
  • geometric transformations
  • mathematics of rotation
  • rendering 101
  • mathematics of rendering

*Here is my first attempt at using animation to teach and here you can view one of my recent E-Learning Modules.

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