Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fan Made Breaking Bad Opening

With our second assignment on the horizon, I'd like to share one of my favourite fan TV made openings. YouTube user Jamesmontalbano masterfully created an extended version of sorts, of the Breaking Bad opening. By taking what little there was of the opener, adding more of it, as well as fusing his own elements, he came out with an awesome result. While Breaking Bad benefits greatly from the shortness of its title and the fan made opening would be too long for the show, it's certainly a great tribute to the show.

I really love how highlight clips from each character has been added. After Effects would be ideal to create something like this, especially with the use of the z-axis in the video.

For my own project, I'm considering following a similar path, perhaps extending a pre-existing opening and adding my own twist. All-in-all I think this video provides a good amount of inspiration, showing off what a fan made opening can become.

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