Thursday, September 17, 2015

Virtual Reality v. 2D Animation

Disney veteran animator Glen Keane recently stepped into the world of virtual reality animation and says freedom is the main takeaway. Keane has been working for Disney for 38 years, with his most famous work being 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Aladdin', and has mainly used pen and paper to create his animations. Keane voiced several struggles with pen and paper, his biggest not being able to actually step into the paper and make the 2D go away. He has always wanted to be completely immersed in 3D, not the pen and paper 2D. So when The Future of StoryTelling, an organization that aims to explore how storytelling is changing in the digital age, wanted Keane to try virtual reality animation, he couldn't say no.

Keane ended up loving the experience and finally got his wish of virtually being able to step in his paper and create real-life animations and designs of Disney characters. He was finally able to draw the characters as he sees them in his head. The actual video of Keane drawing is pretty cool to watch, it was amazing to see how he creates these animations and make them come to life. To read more about the article click here.

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