Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Opening Credits - Game Of Thrones

While trying to come up with the title sequence I wanted to recreate, I had a lot of ideas and options to choose from. After watching multiple opening credits, I decided I wanted to recreate the Game of Thrones title sequence. It is personally my favorite show and one of my favorite opening credits, I think the animation of the maps and realms in the opening sequence is fantastically done. This is the show opener for the first season:

 So instead of trying to recreate the animation of the maps and realms, I would like to do a title sequence showing the characters and scenes from the actual show. I would also like to play around with effects such as fire and ice since they have significant meaning to the show. I think the special effects and a dark and contrasted color palette would really make a good show opener. I would base my opening credits on this fan made version I found. The opening credits would also be for Season 1.
This is the fan made version:

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