Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sound Design and Thieves

      Once again, I've found myself wasting my precious life watching YouTube, spending each minute of my day with something that could easily have genuinely positive impact on my life. Yet, here we are. I was sent this animated short film by a very close friend of mine and I found myself in tangible awe.
       My favourite part is easily the sound design; it really brings the viewer in and smacks you right dab in the middle of the world the film has created. It makes me a very happy viewer to hear things like footsteps or coughs from people besides the main characters. Small things like jingling keys or riffling papers are sometimes forgotten but this film seems to fill in every single nook and cranny that one could visually pick out.
      They do an amazing job with the music in conjunction with the sound effects as well, satisfying every single mood change that the plot has to offer. Speaking of, the plot is also really nice and it offers a nice twist on the classic 'boy must find girl' trope and accurately represents a mental illness. And you know how I'm a sucker for good representation, am I right? The main character is adorable alone; despite the fact he's a little shit and a little criminal, you kind of fall for his little quirks and mistakes and you end up rooting for him in the end. It's cute and it's definitely worth the 11 minutes of your life. Trust me. I've got minutes to spare.

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