Wednesday, September 2, 2015

VideoCopilot and Element 3D

This week we were learning the core basics of how to use After Effects (keyframing, making, creating solid layers, etc.). As the weeks will come, many of us may be getting more and more anxious to do more complex animations. And of course we will be learning new and exciting techniques in class, but if anyone wants to get extra practice with animating and learning how to use After Effects, then is definitely something to take a look at!

On this website, Professional VFX artist and motion graphics designer Andrew Kramer has several video tutorials that take you step by step with how to do certain types of animations in After Effects. Watch any of his videos from After Effects 101 basics to how to do advanced 3D motion graphics right in After Effects.  If you want to become more and more proficient with After Effects, VideoCopilot is a must!

Also, earlier this week, we were talking about how in this class, we were mostly going to be focusing on After Effects, and not as much on 3D. So that reminded me of this awesome product for After Effects that is absolutely amazing, and it actually comes from the guys at VideoCopilot. It's called Element 3D:

This plugin allows users to more easily integrate 3D models and projects right inside of After Effects. You can import, add texture, material, lighting and more to your 3D models, and even animate right inside of AE, which is pretty remarkable. However it is not a full 3D program like Autodesk Maya, so you cant properly model, rig, or animate certain specific things for your animation, but if you are looking to explore the concepts of 3D as far as lighting and materials work, this tool is absolutely amazing. However, this plugin isn't free, it will cost some money, $200. Then why am I talking about this? The reason is because of how revolutionary it is, and I thought that it was something interesting to share with you all. But the price will obviously shy most of you away from it; however, in my opinion, it is definitely something that I would at least consider looking at and learn about. I actually have it, and it really opens up a new world for me as an After Effects user. 

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  1. I was so excited to try the Vintage Car Text tutorial ( and then it required Element 3D :(