Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Animated Films and the Academy Awards

Before 2001, animated films have not had much recognition in the Oscar world. We've grown up with so many animated Disney films such as The Lion King, Alladin, The little Mermaid, etc. But the only one of these Disney films to even come close to winning an academy award was Beauty and the Beast which was nominated in 1991 for best picture, but didn't end up winning. It wasn't until 2009 that another animated film was even nominated for best picture. I was astonished to find out that it took 18 years for animated films to get more recognition in the best picture category. Up! in 2009 and then Toy Story 3 was nominated in 2010. But an animated film has still never won for best picture.

 Then in 2001 the Academy Awards finally added a new category for "Best Animated Feature." The first winner being Shrek. This category finally gives more recognition for animated films because instead of there only being one animated feature struggling against all other genres, you now see a larger scope of the animated films throughout the year. I do believe in the next few years animated films will beat out everyone else and bring home a best picture title.

I also found this article from a few months ago that talked about how animation is gaining more and more popularity with more and more films coming out each year. And how it is evolving from being a genre only for kids with films like The Little Mermaid to films with more raw humor for adults such as Rango. Now these films can bring in a larger audience.


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