Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paul Rand

Paul Rand was not always Paul Rand. He was born as Peretz Rosenbaum. And changing his name "served as the brand name for his many accomplishments, was the first corporate identity he created, and it may also eventually prove to be the most enduring.”

Rand was offered to be the art director for Esquire-Coronet magazines. He believed he was not qualified, but one year later he accepted the position at age 23. But Rand is most known for his corporate logo designs. I was surprised at how many famous logos he designed such as IBM, UPS, and ABC.

Steve Jobs hired Rand to design his NeXT Computer corporate identity. Jobs was quoted on saying Rand was “the greatest living graphic designer.”

This is an interview with Paul talking about graphic designs.

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  1. I really like how Steve Jobs takes his time to answer every question about Paul Rand, which he does not find really easy. On the other hand, the last interview you posted must have had Paul really cringing in desperation because the design of the set is simply pathetic and the interviewer is one of the worst I have seen. He could have spit his chewing gum before the show, couldn't he? Simply horrendous, having one of the greatest designers in one of the most horrible environments, how ironic!