Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An idea for project #1

So I made a list of all my favorite television shows and tried to think about which ones had good introductions to replicate. I thought of Lost, but there isn't much to it, I looked at House, Modern Family, Friday Night Lights, and a lot more. I came up with two choices that I might try to do for this project. Option one is the opening to Parenthood. I could only find the intro with a different version of the song but you get the idea from it.

It wouldn't let me put the actual video here so this is the link. I like this one because I can use old videos and pictures of my family or friends and fade them together. The hardest part would be figuring out the effects that happen at the beginning and end of the song.

Option two is Gossip Girl. Here is the introduction.

Gossip girl is a lot shorter but I think it looks pretty cool. I have no idea how to make that but I think it would be fun to learn.

These are just two ideas I had and I am hoping one of them may work for me.

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