Sunday, September 11, 2011

PPECS Lightboards

I forgot to add this into the last post, so I guess I'll just make this a second post. For my animation class, we're currently working on a bouncing ball project. We have to draw a 2D animation of a ball bouncing in some fashion. It can be hitting people/bouncing around a room/bouncing towards the camera, whatever we want, we just have to show that we understand the principles of timing, spacing, and squashing/stretching an object to make believable movement. To do this, we had to get out light boards (they're also called light boxes, I'm not sure which term is correct), since we'll be doing a heck of a lot of frames for this. I don't know if anyone else is interested in 2D animation and hasn't seen the light boards PPECS has yet, but I took a picture of it. I had never seen one before taking one out of PPECS yesterday, so I was pretty psyched. Also, it's really light, which is nice. In order to line up the sheets on the board, though, you have to use a special hole punch that's in one of the animation rooms.

I just wanted to let people know that those exist in PPECS, because I had no idea they existed at all until a few days ago. I think they're reserved only for the Animation class, but I'm sure if you talk to Jason Harrington (the professor) about really wanting to use one occasionally, he might be able to do something. According to the TA in my class, lightboards themselves are about $30 or $50 and a must-have for anyone interested in animation, so if you want to bypass PPECS and go out and buy one, that's always an option, too.

Also, sorry for the Chinese food menus in the background. I was trying to figure out what to order the other day. Also, General Tso's is delicious.

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