Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ottawa Animation Festival

Didn't mean for this post to be so late in the week, but a project threw me off. Anyway...

I'm currently in ACP: Animation with Jason Harrington, and in a few weekends he's taking us to the Ottawa International Animation Festival! It lasts from Sept. 21 to 25 and attracts animation companies and films from around the world. The animation submission component of it is incredibly competitive- about 2,000 films get submitted and just over 100 are chosen to be screened. The festival attracts big names, too, like Pixar and Dreamworks. Jason also kept mentioning the seminars where they show you the latest in animation and 3D technology, including technology that they're using in space programs like NASA to get 3D images of things like the Sun (he said that the 3D in-your-face, detailed projection of the Sun they showed them was beyond amazing).

If anyone wants to check out the festival, here's their site. I'll probably post about it after we get back. I'm really really really looking forward to it, and I hope to see some awesome things.

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