Friday, September 2, 2011

Pixar & Dreamworks Technology

The last post about Pixar got me thinking about something I read about a month ago when I was looking through Pixar and Dreamwork's websites. When I was looking at Dreamwork's paragraph about the kind of technology they used (a part of the site that for some reason I can't find now), it said that it has its own unique animation software that's built, maintained, and used in-house. I tried looking through Pixar's technology blurb to see if they also had a unique system, but they only mentioned that they've made ground-breaking advancements in animation technology and design. I think it makes sense that Dreamworks has its own software because it definitely has its own style- if you're watching a Dreamworks movie, you can tell that it's Dreamworks through the design of the characters. I believe that it's the same for Pixar as well, which made me think that Pixar might have a customized system.
Just to compare the two, I found the trailers for Kung Fu Panda, a Dreamworks film, and Finding Nemo, a Pixar film.
I don't exactly know how to describe the difference between the two styles. I want to say that Pixar's style seems more realistic, and that Dreamworks is a little more exaggerated and cartoony, but I'm sure there are exceptions.

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