Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More on Opening Titles

While looking around at different articles about opening sequences, I came across this article entitled '20 Brillant TV Show Title Sequences'. A lot of the links are disabled, so you have to look them up on youtube, but these really are some fantastic opening credits. Gone are the days when show openers consisted of a song that (sometimes) fits the theme of the show alongside the name and pictures of each of the cast members. The listed credits in the article range in dynamic, from Desperate Housewives to Six Feet Under and in difficulty, from Lost to The Unted States of Tara. If anyone still hasn't decided on a show opener they want to recreate, you should check out some of these!

As noted in class, I decided on recreating the opening for How I Met Your Mother:

As I was watching the sequence on youtube however, I stumbled a few mashups that people created of two different shows, for example the following is credits for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, HIMYM style:

The common denominator between the two shows is obviously Alyson Hannigan, but I thought it was interesting how this person tried to pick characters from Buffy that fit into the roles of characters from HIMYM.
I also noticed that this sequence had a little camera work with the pictures wiggling, but no 3D effects with the camera like the actual HIMYM opening.

Finally, I really enjoyed this HIMYM, Friends style opening. There were quite a few of this combination, but this was by far the best one:

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