Sunday, September 18, 2011

Martin Scorsese's New Animated Movie Hugo

This summer I had the privilege of getting two separate tours of EUE ScreenGem's Atlanta and New York movie studios. It was really a special time during these tours because I was shown real sets of shows like Unnecessary Roughness on USA. It was amazing seeing how detailed and perfect the sets were constructed, and according to the president of the Atlanta studio full sets are constructed in less than a week. I was amazed at the quality of the sets and the time that is spend making each one look fully realistic. Check out their website here and see what they have to offer.

As educational and enjoyable being on these different sets was, my favorite part of both tours was when I got to sit in Martin Scorsese's color correction and finishing room for his new animated movie Hugo. Click here to see the trailer.

This movie is animated and will be coming out on Thanksgiving this year in 3D. According to the CEO's assistant, who was giving us the tour, Scorsese's was coming in towards the end of September to put the finishing touches on animation and color correction. Looking at a gigantic white screen, I wondered how you could see enough detail through a projector. I was then told that they brought in a brand new 3D projector with an astonishing price tag. Lets just say it was considerably more than a years tuition at out school. The plan for the post-production crew was the spend a couple of weeks in this room to perfect this new film by the end of September. That way it could get to the theaters by Thanksgiving.

After watching the trailer for this movie, I became immediately intrigued in what was special effects and what was not. I hope you all watch the trailer and become immediately excited like I did about the being able to do this. I can only dream about being a fly on the wall of that room seeing one of the greatest directors of all time at work.

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