Monday, September 5, 2011

After Effects Tips and Tricks

I have never been formally taught After Effects, I have only watched online tutorials and taught myself a few tricks. I thought it would be beneficial to everyone to have some easy access to quick tips and tricks to After Effects.

I also thought I would do a bit of research on Motion Graphics vocabulary. As Ashley posted below, media literacy is half the battle of the business. We might all use similar terms here in Park, but sometimes a business will have their own terms and it is better to know now and impress them later when you know.

Snipe : Lower third animation used to promote another show or product during a television show.

317/Billboard : Logo screens thrown at the end of a live television show to give thanks to companies that did not buy air time, but provided services for production and receive a token 'thank you' at the end of the show

Intersticial: a quick 1-5 second edit break-up that hangs longer than a transition but is quicker than a title screen.

Donut - Commercial with updateable content or a "hole" in the middle.

Rotoscoping- A technique where animators trace live action movement, frame by

frame, to extract an object or person from the footage to be used in

another way. Rotoscoping is often used to correct mistakes made

during a shoot.

Houdini- A 3D software package used for modeling and animation.

I got these terms from MIT New Media Exemplar Producer Profile Series No. 03 and a motion graphics blog.

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