Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pixar Animation

Whenever I think of animation, the first company that comes to mind is Pixar Animation Studios. Movies like Toy Story and Bug's Life are intertwined in my childhood memories. Not too long ago when I was on I ended up on the section of the Pixar website "How we Do It" which breaks down the steps in the creative process. I found it to be really interesting to see both how the animation process is both similar and different from the way non-animated films are made. While both begin with a story idea being pitched, a treatment being written and a storyboard being drawn, the following steps involve voice talent being recorded, and reels being created. After this videotape is made the art department establishes the visual look and feel of the film, models are sculpted and articulated, sets are dressed, shots are laid out and animated, sets and characters are shaded and lighting is added to make the total look complete. The final steps entail the computer data being rendered and final touches being added.

Here's where the breakdown of the Pixar animation process can be found:

A friend also sent me a link to a parody of the animation that begins all Disney-Pixar films. I thought it was pretty cool to see how twisted and dark a person could make such a light-hearted opening. Here's the video:

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