Sunday, September 25, 2011

Use and Overuse of Graphics and Animation in Outdoor Television

Since I was as young as I can remember, I have had a passion for the outdoors. This stemmed from many generations of my family because they also shared this same passion. Today the outdoor television industry has grown dramatically and I found myself wondering if I could take something I have loved my whole life and turn it into a career.

Today there are three outdoor channels both on cable and satellite television. The shows on these channels are geared towards outdoorsmen, hunters, fisherman, and people who just plain enjoy being out in wild.

I wanted to write my post this week and show those who don't know about this growing industry in order to show that the same steps go along with producing and finishing one of these shows.

Top companies like Drury Outdoors and Mossy Oak have created their own shows where they go around the world and hunt and fish the many species of out great world. From Kansas all the way to Africa, these teams set out to produce and finish shows that take the audience inside this world. As with any TV series, there is a large chunk of time that is devoted to post production and the need for editors and motion graphics artists is rising. I have found that the shows that have a large financial backing are the ones that use the right amount of graphics, but there are also the shows that don't have employees with production backgrounds

Here are two examples of the good and the bad



As you can see there are many areas of these short clips that could be changed into quality products that even producers for the Discovery Channel would be proud.

Because this industry is only growing I have found myself very intrigued at the opportunites I could have with knowledge in editing and motion graphics. The need is there and in ten years hopefully this part of the industry will improve and the amount of quality shows and productions will be much higher.

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