Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Evolution of MNF

As I sat on my couch this morning excited for the start of football season, I also found myself trying to pick between a few topics to write a blog post about. That’s when I saw a preview for ESPN Monday Night Football. It dawned on me then that if anyone uses a large about of CGI or After Effects its ESPN. Between their Sports Center opening and their football packages they must have a huge budget. I was interested to see the evolution of the Monday Night Football introductions.

So I started by looking up the intro to an older Monday Night Football game from 1973

Next was a more recent game from 2006

And lastly a game from the 2010 season

I’m not sure what the budget was for the 1973 game but I did some research and asked my father whom works at ESPN some questions. He told me he didn’t remember the exact budget for the 2006 intro, however they had to pay a new “celebrity” each week to appear on the opener, one time it happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger the next was Patrick Dempsey on top of the cost for CGI.

As far as 2010 went he told me he couldn’t give me “exact” numbers but the budget was near $2 million.

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