Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adding yourself to famous scenes

As I was reading the blog this morning I was very interested in everyone’s posts about green/blue screens, and their use in famous scenes from movies. At first the movie “300” jumped into my head as the movie which used green screens the most. So I started looking for behind the scenes footage of what the set actually looked like before the green screen work was done. While looking for all of this I stumbled upon a really interesting video that reminded me of the work we were doing in class. The video is a student that used a blue screen to add himself into one of the famous scenes of 300. The video shows step by step using aftereffects and Photoshop just how the student added himself. It was similar to our class exercise with the red bull can but on steroids.

Bluescreen Assignment from Marius Denisse on Vimeo.

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