Monday, September 5, 2011

IMAX 3D Titles

When visiting a movie theatre I will always choose to see a movie if it is playing in IMAX 3D. The most fascinating part of the movie experience is the title screens and fonts used during previews and introductions for companies that were part of the compiling work. The disclaimers providing the rating for the upcoming trailer draw you in with their ability to grow and come towards you. These are images/titles I would like to create. The reactions from surrounding audience members is overwhelmingly positive with laughs and disbelief on many faces. Often you see young children trying to reach out and touch the graphics. The IMAX experience has been truly perfected. Provided is a link to the IMAX Intro: If IMAX interests you they have a detailed section provided on their website with videos and links to their various partners.

I was unsuccessful in my search to find which partner or creators were responsible for creating the IMAX intro. For those of you traveling to Los Angeles IMAX has a couple of posting for internships in Santa Monica.

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