Sunday, September 25, 2011

James Bond Openings Maurice Binder

Maurice Binder is a film title designer from New York City. He is know for his work on 14 different James Bond movies. He is responsible for creating the gun barrel sequence that the new films continue to incorporate. Maurice Binder often films women completing various activities and utilizes these by turning them into silhouettes figures. Binder used a pinhole camera to shoot down the barrel of a gun to create the feel of an assassin following bond. Bond than turns fires and red blood travels down the screen signifying the kill shot. Binder had this comment about the story board process.
"That was something I did in a hurry, because I had to get to a meeting with the producers in twenty minutes. I just happened to have little white, price tag stickers and I thought I'd use them as gun shots across the screen. We'd have James Bond walk through and fire, at which point blood comes down onscreen. That was about a twenty-minute storyboard I did, and they said, "This looks great!"
This came as a shock to me because this title sequences has lasted for over 50 years with very few changes. This title sequences defines the Bond franchise and immediately comes to mind whenever the films are mentioned. It seems this is the way Binder operates often turning in work minutes before the deadline. I can not think of any other franchise that has such a well known opening.

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