Friday, September 23, 2011

Viewpoint Creative

I was thinking about some of the uses of motion graphics that I had experienced as a kid and never really thought twice about. For whatever reason, the intro to anything viewed on HBO came to mind. Probably because I thought it looked cool and having HBO at all made me feel nostalgic of times when I could find something to watch on the television. After some incredibly extensive research/one Google search, I found that HBO recently rebranded itself with a company called Viewpoint Creative. Here is a montage that Viewpoint Creative created for HBO:

I thought the video as a whole was creative and simple at the same time. I looked a little further into Viewpoint Creative's website, and saw that their site related to jobs at their company (located in Massachusetts) preferred a background in After Effects. I called them up, told them I was taking Motion Graphics at Ithaca College, and they hired me on the spot. That last part isn't true, but they really do prefer backgrounds in After Effects, as well as Flame, both for compositing.

The entire experience of finding this company on a whim and seeing right on their website that After Effects is an important aspect of their job hirings made me realize just how powerful this software we used every day in Park 168 really is!

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