Thursday, September 1, 2011

comparing CGI budgets

The last post about differences in animations really got me thinking about what other differences motion and graphics had on the movie/tv industry. I posed the question to myself, do older more dated movies suffer due to their lack of special effects? At first I thought about action or fight scenes. To the old days of Batman and Robin where when someone was punched a big “POW” would come up on the screen with a cheesy sound effect to the newest Transformer movies where half the time you don’t know who is good or who is bad; you’re just speechless from the effects of the scene. I decided that the answer was no, people are watching older movies because their classics, and more times then not these said classics make you speechless in ways Transformers could only wish.

I turned my attention to more modern shows and movies. And was wondering does a show’s success at all correlated to its special effects budget? My first thought was that it shouldn’t. However I was sitting on the couch last week with my girlfriend as she watched MTV’s new show Teen Wolf, it was the season finale and in the scene the “big bad wolf” no pun intended is killed. The wolf is CGI, and as I watched it I almost laughed. The show had actually grabbed my attention for a couple of minutes, however the second I saw the wolf I got up and walked away.

Now I had also been dragged by my girlfriend to see the twilight movies, and plot aside at least the CGI was better. Comparing apples to apples, the Werewolves in twilight made the werewolves in Teen Wolf look like they were drawn on a sketch pad.

Here are two links to see the small glimpses of the Werewolf

So after watching these I have to make the decision that sometimes even the greatest plots need a more “beefed” up budget to allow for CGI work that looks professional

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