Sunday, September 25, 2011

Digital Artistry

In my search on the internet for all things graphic, I found a website CGSociety, where digital artists come together and show off their own work. Some of the photographs on the site include real human models along with graphics created by the artist, whereas other artists on the site create their human characters from scratch. My favorite example of work that I came across on the site is a 3D CG of SongKyeHo, a Korean actress.

I had been looking at examples that used human models with graphically designed items around them, but when I saw the thumbnail for this, I figured she had to be designed, as there was nothing else going on in the photo. In my opinion, she looks extremely realistic and seeing her quickly, I would never guess I weren't looking at an unaltered photograph. Upon closer inspection I would critique her hair for looking a bit unnatural in some parts (the whispiness on the right side) and the corners of her mouth. Although not human is perfect, her mouth could be suitable.

With the realistic nature of this CG woman, it makes me wonder if there will ever be a day where human actors are no longer needed. I think that creating movement and action shots for groups of CG humans would take a lot longer than shooting working, tangible people.

I feel this website would be a good place to look for real talent who may wish to freelance their work. As a digital artist, it would be a good place to spread the word about your work and be noticed.

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