Sunday, October 23, 2011

50/50 Movie

Over fall break I went to the Ithaca Mall Movie Theater. I was focused on the trailers and opening sequence of 50/50 to hopefully gain some inspiring ideas/concepts. Much to my surprise 50/50 used very few motion graphics. The text used seemed overly simple for such a big budget film. The opening sequence was pretty much just a single shot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt jogging. The titles used in the trailer are also simple full screen backgrounds with white letters. Due to the nature of the motion graphics course I believe it has raised my expectations of what these big budget films should be able to produce. I wanted to search into the film to perhaps find answers to what appears to be a quickly produced title sequence. I located a very inspiring article about hurdles the film makers encountered. Some large hurdles they encountered was coming up with a title that they could sell and also the lead actor James McAvoy backed out just weeks before filming. It is comforting to know that professional projects also have bumps and snags. This is important to remember when your next project for Park encounters some trouble. The film I believe overall was a success and pleasurable viewing experience that effects your emotions.

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