Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inception Inspired

Over the week, I saw a commercial involving a car that appeared to be inspired by the movie Inception. At first, I was only half paying attention, because I wasn't watching TV for the commercials, but my eyes drifted to the screen because of the amount of movement that was happening. Once I was focused on the TV, I felt seasick and wished the commercial would end- but I couldn't look away because I had to see how much worse it got. Of course, now that I have a minute to sit down and write about said commercial, I can't remember what the commercial was for (a car, auto insurance, etc;).

In my quest to find this offensive commercial I found that Lexus has created three different commercials for their vehicles that also seem to be inspired by Inception. The differences I felt between the Lexus commercials and the mystery commercial is that Lexus used creative graphic effects but didn't suffocate the audience with sensory overload. The cuts used are not too fast and give the viewer time to process what is happening. Lexus also didn't overuse Z axis manipulation. Although in these commercials the Z axis is changing and the shot appears to flip onto it's side, I still know where I am at all times. Lexus isn't the only one using Inception for ideas. I also found an LG commercial for a vacuum that seems to be inspired by Inception. I feel that since the film came out in theatres, more and more media professionals are trying to incorporate full scale graphic effects.

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