Friday, October 7, 2011

Chronicles of Narnia: Visual Effects

One movie that uses a ton of visual effects is the Chronicles of Narnia. I have seen the movie and have always wondered how they did the animals and creatures. Everything looks so life like. The videos I posted below show exactly how they did it. The Lion is such a big part of the movie and it was interesting to see how the actors would act with a stuffed animal and then later the lion was put in. They got every movement a lion makes down and you can see it in the video. The lion gets formed started with a very plain figure and slowly grows more into a real looking lion.

It's also interesting how they can put a person in green pants and then using special effects make his legs something else. It looks so natural in the movie but it was all green screen and computer generated. Randy Starr was the visual effects producer for this movie and he said there were over 1,400 visual effects shots. There of the largest visual effect companies worked on this movie. This was a great movie to look at special effects because they are so well done.

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