Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mosaic Effect

When I was searching for a movie to create a new opening for, I had several ideas including She's All That and The Truman Show. Ultimately I chose to use Center Stage as my film, but I found myself still looking into The Truman Show, staring Jim Carey, just because it's a movie I particularly like. During my exploration of the movie, I noticed the poster used for the film which I had completely forgotten about.

The Truman Show Movie Poster
I've seen this effect a lot before: for 5,000 piece puzzles, versions of famous art, etc; and I know that an art class at IC uses a similar idea to create a self-portrait. Despite how often I've seen this design, I've never known how to do this electronically. In order to use this effect, there are many possibilities available online and in stores. MacOSaiX is a good choice if you are a Mac user, like myself. It is a free download that only requires 3 steps and appears to be one of the more trusted photo-mosaic programs. Free websites range from detailed options to basic file uploading. Big Huge Labs gives you the freedom to choose the number of pixels between each photo, border color, and select where you want to upload your files from (facebook, flikr, or individually selected by you). It was surprising to me how easy it is to make if you search "photo mosaic." You will find more than enough options for you to create a very interesting photograph.

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