Sunday, October 9, 2011

Re-releasing Disney Films in 3D

I was talking with my father about Disney yesterday, and about how it’s stock value hasn’t been doing too well. I started thinking about how Disney seemed to have fallen from grace, as far as its movies went, at least in the mind of a lot of people I have spoken too. The lion king has been re released and is out performing many movies at the box office. In fact I just read that Disney will be re-releasing four more “hit animated movies” to theatres, they are Beauty and the Beast (Jan 31 2012), Finding Nemo (Sept 14, 2012), Monsters Inc. (Jan 18, 2013), The Little Mermaid (Sept 13 2013). Maybe Disney has seen that the old classics are still in the hearts of a lot of people and a great way to cash in is to re release these films. On a related note, I recall our talks in class about how Disney “borrows” many of its story ideas from other cultures movies or stories. When I was looking up old animated movies I came across one titled “The adventures of Prince Achmed” and if you notice it involved a character named Aladdin. Which I found interesting.

It's just amazing to see how far animated films have come, from The Adventures of Prince Achmed to How to Train Your Dragon. Its amazing to see them back to back.

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